Faceshield – Splash Guard

R35.00 excl VAT


The Dromex SPLASH GUARD® lightweight full face shield/visor is designed for maximum comfort and optimum protection against liquid splash hazards, that are potentially infectious such as body fluids (saliva and mucus), liquid droplets and splatter commonly used in medical/healthcare environments and for oil and dust exposure.

This face shield is also suitable for use in laboratories, chemical plants, domestic and public places.

The Dromex Splash guard face shield features the following:

  • A double sided, anti -fog PET visor for an extended product life.
  • A 180-degree wide range isolation protection.
  • Transparent, high definition optically correct vision, preventing dizziness
  • A soft foam brow guard
  • An elasticated latex free adjustable headband for a secure fit regardless of head size.
  • Compatible for use with half mask respiratory protective devices and glasses

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